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The SunPedal Ride ends its US Tour in Houston, Texas! 

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The SunPedal Ride ends its US Tour in Houston, Texas! 

Texas Energy Policy

Index prices are under threat in Texas — here’s why they’re worth saving

Right now, California regulators are enabling real-time index rates — rates where consumers choose to pay the wholesale price of energy rather than a standard overall monthly price — as part of their  efforts to ensure grid reliability after 2020 blackouts hit parts…

Texas vs. UK Energy Market Crisis

2021 has been a tough year for the traditional energy industry. Here in the US, Texas experienced an historic winter storm this past February that resulted in a near-statewide grid blackout. With record cold temperatures blanketing the state, natural gas lines froze and prevented the transmission of natural gas to…

Octopus Energy targets Demand Response in ERCOT to residential sector

Reposted from Power Markets Today DR has traditionally focused on larger C&I customers, but in ERCOT, the residential sector is the largest, peakiest part of demand and the Texas PUC is working to grow DR there. Octopus Energy worked on that since entering the ERCOT market last year (PMT, …

Why don’t Texans deserve energy price transparency?

They do. Here’s why: Texas energy consumers deserve transparency regarding their energy bills; a rather simple and direct ask of energy suppliers in the state. However, there are large discrepancies between notification requirements when it comes to variable versus fixed-rate energy products. Often, consumers are presented with variable rates that…

HB16: Texas To Ban Residential Wholesale Energy

As of March 08, 2021, Texas lawmakers have introduced a bill to the State Affairs committee of the Texas House demanding a ban on wholesale pass-through rates to residential customers.  The bill only targets “wholesale indexed products.” It does not address the very real concerns that led to the…

POLR: Here’s what you need to know

The aftermath of Texas’ energy crisis hasn’t been easy. On top of thousands of homes being in a state of disrepair, many are looking for ways to pay shockingly high energy bills due to unprecedented price spikes. Not only are customers feeling let down by ERCOT and the Public Utilities…